The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. If you are looking for real life overcoming of childhood and adult trauma, welcome. My posts vary between exploration of the events that lead to extreme shame and concrete choices and behaviors to overcome and heal. The shame of early childhood betrayals caused me to, from a very young age, believe that I was other; I was wrong.
These feelings contributed to great pain. Most of my life I felt I shouldn’t exist. I longer, not just for death, but for an end of my existence.
Not a fun place to be. Around 40 I embarked on an often difficult journey of breaking down and building back up.
It has been, and is, a lot of work. So much pain to process. One of the biggest problems with shame is that it demands to be hidden. So, here I am, defying the secrets. Shouting them at the top of my lungs.
I would be honored if you would stick around. Where I have gotten to now is, I think, well worth the discomfort.
So, again, welcome.



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